Andrea Ferrari
Cambridge Graphene Centre, University of Cambridge (UK)
Elena Aznar
M. Lucia Curri
University of Bari, CNR (Italy)
Arben Merkoci
ICREA / ICN2 (Spain)
Frank Ortmann
TU Munich (Germany)
Danny Porath
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
Meital Reches
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
Roy Beck
Tel Aviv University (Israel)
Ion Errea
Aran Garcia-Lekue
DIPC (Spain)
Jordi Llop
CIC Biomagune (Spain)
Andrea Ferrari (Cambridge Graphene Centre, University of Cambridge, UK)  
Title to be defined
Elena Aznar (UPV/CIBER BBN, Spain)
Communication at the nanoscale. Nanoparticles that “talk” to one another.
M. Lucia Curri (University of Bari, CNR, Italy)
Colloidal nanomaterials for life science: tailoring surface chemistry for old, new and emerging functions
Arben Merkoci (ICREA / ICN2, Spain)  
Lateral flow paper-based nanobiosensors for diagnostics applications
Frank Ortmann (TU Munich, Germany)
Strong interactions in functional organic materials and devices - a curse or a blessing?
Danny Porath (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
Surprising Charge Transport in DNA
Meital Reches (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
Functional Coatings for Sterile Surfaces
Roy Beck (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
Order from the disorder with intrinsically disordered peptide amphiphiles
Ion Errea (CFM-UPV, CSIC, Spain)
Mechanically stable graphene with quadratic out-of-plane acoustic modes
Aran Garcia-Lekue (DIPC, Spain)
Graphene nanoarchitectures: insights from theory and experiments
Jordi Llop (CIC Biomagune, Spain)
Labelled Self-propelled nanosystems: towards improved (nano)theragnostic agents
M. Ali Aboudzadeh (CNRS, University Pau & Pays Adour, France)
Synthesis and Colloidal Properties of Gold Nanoparticles Functionalized with Cyclic Poly(ethylene oxide)s
Nuria Alegret (UPV/EHU, Spain)
Nano in 3D: CNT and Conjugated Polymers for Electrosensitive Tissue Regeneration
Jose Maria Alonso (I+Med SCoop., Spain)
Functionalized Biomimetic Nanohydroxyapatite as Ingredient for 3D Bioinks
Alicia Aparicio Millán (Instituto de Micro y Nanotecnología (IMN-CNM, CSIC), Spain)
Controlled deposition and characterization of single bacteria using nanomechanical sensors in air
Juan Manuel Arango (Instituto de Biofisika, Spain)
Synthesis and characterization of amphiphilic fluorinated polymers for phase transfer solubilization of hydrophobic gold nanoparticles
Cristina Arimany-Nardi (NanomedSpain / IBEC, Spain)
Nanomed Spain, the Spanish Technological Platform for Nanomedicine: promoting public-private collaboration, innovation and clinical translation of nanomedicine in Spain
Mikel Arruabarrena Larrarte (Centro de Física de Materiales, Spain)
Unique Spin-orbit Properties of Magnetic Layered Bulk CoTiO3
Akash Bachhuka (Rovira i Virgili University (URV), Spain)
Nanoengineered surfaces for modulating cell-surface interaction
Mariusz Barczak (Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Poland)
Magnetic alginate hydrogels: the role of particles’ surface functionalization
Monica Carril (Instituto Biofisika (CSIC, UPV/EHU), Spain)
Synthesis of water soluble fluorinated gold nanoparticles and in vivo 19F MRS.
Yolanda de Miguel (Tecnalia, Spain)
Nanotechnology at the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA)
Xabier Diaz de Cerio (DIPC, Spain)
Unraveling the electronic properties of graphene with substitutional oxygen
Sara Escalera (University of Valladolid, Spain)
Novel targeted devices based on Elastin-like polypeptides for diagnosis and gene therapy in breast cancer
Aritz García Arribas (Instituto Biofisika (UPV/EHU, CSIC), Spain)
Lipid-gold clusters (AuroraTM): improving gold nanoparticles for lipid membrane studies
Eduardo Gil-Santos (Intituto de Micro y Nanotecnología (IMN-CNM, CSIC), Spain)
Optomechanical detection of single bacterium mechanical modes
Rui Gusmão (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Czech Republic)
2D Layered MPX3 Performance for Water Splitting Reactions
Malou Henriksen (CIC biomaGUNE, Spain)
SERS-active 3D printed scaffolds; combining hybrid materials to better understand the tumour environment
Fernando Jimenez Urbanos (Fondation ciRFC, France)
MoS2 Field-Effect Transistors for Ion Sensing: Ultrasensitive Hg2+ Detection
Jacob Johny (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany)
Gold nanoparticle-induced formation of reactive oxygen species in proton therapy is a surface effect
Bahareh Khezri (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Czech Republic)
2D-based nano/microrobots: Towards Biomedical and Environmental Applications
Thomas Kloss (CEA grenoble, France)
Tkwant: a software package for time-dependent quantum transport
Maadhav Kothari (Zeiss Microscopy, UK)  
Imaging and understanding metal organic frameworks using advanced scanning electron microscopy techniques
Marina López Yubero (Instituto de Micro y Nanotecnología, Spain)
Effects of energy metabolism on the mechanical properties of breast cancer cells.
Unai Ortiz-Orruño (ICFO, Spain)
Ultra-Sensitive High Dynamic Range Label Free Platform for Bioparticle Detection
Ana María Pablo-Sainz-Ezquerra (Ecole Centrale de Lyon Institute des Nanotechnologies (INL), France)
Gold-seeded lithium niobate nanoparticles as NanoZyme biosensors
Luis Antonio Panes Ruiz (TU Dresden, Germany)
Breath-level detection of hydrogen sulphide in humid air by arrays of gold nanoparticle-functionalized carbon nanotubes
Jesus Santamaria (Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain)
A potential catalytic therapy in oncology: Cu-Fe Nanoparticles responsive to tumor microenvironment
Philip Schaefer (Attocube, Germany)
nano-FTIR and correlation nanoscopy for organic and inorganic material analysis
Lorena Simon Gracia (University of Tartu, Estonia)
Tumor-penetrating polymersomes encapsulating a novel anthracycline for cancer treatment
Srdjan Stavrić (University of Trieste, Italy)
Striking Influence of Nickel Surface Changes on the Growth of Cobalt Nanostructures
Cristina Vicente Manzano (Instituto de Micro y Nanotecnología (IMN-CSIC), Spain)
Reduction of the Thermal Conductivity by the Nanostructuration of Electrodeposited CuNi Alloys