Eric Anglaret
University of Montpellier (France)
Emilio Artacho
CIC nanoGUNE (Spain)
Giuseppe Battaglia
IBEC (Spain)
M. Lucia Curri
University of Bari, CNR (Italy)
Andrea Ferrari
Cambridge Graphene Centre, University of Cambridge (UK)
Jurriaan Huskens
University of Twente (The Netherlands)
Alexander Kotlyar
Tel Aviv University (Israel)
Monica Lira-Cantú
ICN2 (Spain)
Lifeng Liu
INL (Portugal)
Nazario Martín
UCM & IMDEA Nanociencia (Spain)
Ernst Meyer
University of Basel (Switzerland)
Alejandro Müller
UPV-EHU / Polymat (Spain)
Mikhail Otrokov
Danny Porath
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
Samuel Sánchez
IBEC (Spain)
Javier Tamayo
Heiko Wolf
IBM Research - Zurich (Switzerland)
Lucía Gutiérrez
UNIZAR (Spain)
Emilio Artacho (CIC nanoGUNE, Spain)  
Electron excitation in the nanoscale by ion projectiles shooting through matter
Giuseppe Battaglia (IBEC, Spain)  
4D transmission electron microscopy: imaging soft materials and biologicals in liquid phase
Jurriaan Huskens (University of Twente, The Netherlands)  
NanoTech meets NanoBio: Nano-architectured cell surface mimics for binding of the influenza virus
Lifeng Liu (INL, Portugal)  
Iridium based catalysts with high oxygen evolution performance for proton exchange membrane water electrolysis
Ernst Meyer (University of Basel, Switzerland)  
Dissipation mechanisms of topological insulators
Alejandro Müller (UPV-EHU / Polymat, Spain)  
Nucleation and crystallization of homopolyesters and copolyesters infiltrated into alumina nanopores
Mikhail Otrokov (CFM-CSIC/UPV, Spain)  
Discovery of the intrinsic antiferromagnetic topological insulators: theory and experiment
Javier Tamayo (IMM-CNM/CSIC, Spain)  
Towards physical fingerprinting of biological components for biomarker discovery
Heiko Wolf (IBM Research - Zurich, Switzerland)  
Shaping surface potentials for the transport and assembly of nanoscale objects
Lucía Gutiérrez (UNIZAR, Spain)  
Magnetic hyperthermia for cancer treatment: past problems, ongoing work and future possibilities