From design to end product and from nano to macroscale, the three days international Summit (3D Printing Spain 2020 – Beyond Nano) aims to cover all the aspects of the 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing disrupting industry.

Key representatives from academic and industrial sectors will present the latest developments in equipment, new materials and future prospects, enabling the participants to explore the innovations in design and manufacturing techniques, face the challenges in scaling-up and product personalisation as well as identify business opportunities and new markets.

An event to discover the cutting-edge applications and new horizons of the AM technologies covering all size scales, from nano and beyond as well as to discuss their impact on industries such as construction, aerospace, transport, medicine, etc.

The collocated activities (Exhibition Area, Industrial Forum and Brokerage event) will enhance discussions and information exchange about skills, resources, research interests and markets requirements that will increase and accelerate the development of the additive manufacturing in Spain.

  12 Keynote & Invited speakers confirmed
Senentxu Lanceros Méndez
BCMaterials (Spain)
Magi Galindo
LEITAT Technological Center (Spain)
Denise Mandt
UpNano GmbH (Austria)
Alexander Legant
Nanoscribe GmbH (Germany)
Maria Isabel Osendi
ICV – CSIC (Spain)
Ulli Klenk
Siemens AG (Germany)
Armin Knoll
IBM Research GmbH (Switzerland)
Juergen Brugger
EPFL (Switzerland)
Media Partners